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Step into the world of elegance and personal connection with the Monti Deep Coupe�a harmonious blend of elegance and personal connection, designed to elevate your cherished moments. This extraordinary glass is not just a vessel; it’s a canvas for personalisation, where a name or a heartfelt message becomes an integral part of the experience. Unveil the power of individuality as you choose from a range of fonts to transform this glass into a symbol of sentiment. Presented in a meticulously designed package, the Monti Deep Coupe arrives like a treasure waiting to be discovered; packaged in a decorative, ornate blue and gold gift box, this is ready to be given straight to the recipient. Graceful and distinctive, the Monti Deep Coupe boasts a decorative cut stem that adds a touch of artistry to every sip. Its dimensions, measuring at 154mm x 90mm, strike a perfect balance between style and comfort. Holding up to 270ml or 9.5oz, it transforms each drink into a moment to be savoured. Equally suited for cocktails and champagne, this glass embodies the essence of celebration. Its enduring beauty is matched by its sturdiness, ensuring that every clink of glasses is accompanied by the warmth of memories. Whether commemorating milestones, expressing gratitude, or simply raising a toast to life’s joys, the Monti Deep Coupe embraces the heart of every occasion. Let its personalised touch add an extra layer of intimacy to your gifts, creating lasting memories that linger far beyond the last drop.